Moment of Silence FAQS (aka A Quiet Moment)



 What is MOS (Moment of Silence)?

 Moment of Silence is a project for schools in Newfoundland and Labrador to institute 1 minute of silent reflection at the beginning of the school day.

Tell me more about MOS

As part of the program the school children will have to discuss with their parents what to think about during that silent, meaningful moment, bolstering wholesome relationships and healthy communication with their parents. 

The main activity is for the children to have the time to have a meaningful reflection, so the children can improve their internal moral compass while abstaining from dangerous behaviors.

What are the goals of MOS?

-Children will lead wholesome meaningful lives and be emotionally healthier while having an improved sense of values, becoming productive members of society and relating to others in a healthy and respectful manner, with a sense of dignity.

-More harmonious and pleasant atmosphere at school between students and between students and school staff.

-Improved parent-child relationships.

-Foster safe schools and communities, free of drugs, alcohol, violence, etc.

Which religion is MOS associated with?


Is this a form of prayer?


Can I see a video about this?

  Absolutely, you can see a video about this here: